How To: Porgeos



Guys, I've seen The Last Jedi 3 times so far and I'm still checking showtimes to plan my next viewing.  I just leave the theater each time in such a space-adventure-induced euphoria, and now I'm like a sci-fi junkie craving my next hit.  Just one more time, then I'll be good.

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS if you haven't seen The Last Jedi, do not keep reading.

So, in the time in between viewings, I've, of course, been working on some new Star Wars desserts, with the Porg as my inspiration.  Full disclosure:  I've actually been working on a Porg treat since before I made my BB-8 truffles, but my attempts were...less than successful.  However, as Yoda says to Luke, "The greatest teacher, failure is." 

With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to share some of my failed attempts on the blog today, in case you were under the impression that everything I make comes out great on the first try.


My first was an attempt at a 3-dimensional Porg Pie.  Inspired by the Levee High Apple Pie from Blue Owl Bakery, I was going to make a mound of apples covered in pie crust pastry decorated to look like a Porg sitting right in your pie.  The result was...sad, to say the least.  My next attempts were simpler, and more successful, but every time I looked at them, I found them very off-putting, and, just like Chewie, I couldn't bring myself to eat them.  As appropriate as that may be for a movie tie-in dessert, I didn't want to share anything that I wouldn't eat myself.

So, after Christmas, I wiped the slate clean.  And with all the non-nerd related Holiday baking I did this year, I was looking for something that would be simple and easy.  From this, the oreo Porg was created.


This might be the simplest recipe I've ever created, but I still think they came out quite cute, and who doesn't love oreos?




Golden Oreos (or any other vanilla sandwich cookie)

Black dragees

Black candy melts

Orange candy melts



To make, twist the two halves of the sandwich cookie to separate them.  If all the cream did not come off on one side, never fear.  Just use a sharp paring knife to scrape the cream off of one cookie and transfer it to the other.  You want a smooth circle of cream filling on the cookie.

Use a spoon to remove cream and create the shape of the porg.  Add the black dragees as eyes.  Use melted black candy melts and a #1 tip to add the nose and mouth.  Use melted orange candy melts and a #2 tip to add the feet. 

Use a serrated knife to slowly and carefully cut the edges off your other cookie to create wings.  use a dab of candy melt to secure the wings to the Porg's side.

Enjoy, and may the Porg be with you.