Lit Jedi Party Recipe: Crait Margaritas


I don't know if y'all could tell from the Porgeos and the BB-8 Truffles and the Wookiee Cookies, but I enjoy Star Wars.  In fact, my friend (and Sugared Nerd contributor) Casie and I loved The Last Jedi so much that we decided to have a joint birthday party with a Last Jedi theme.  Of course, since Casie and I are both pretty active in the kitchen, the menu was a subject of much discussion.  Which means we've got a lot of new Star Wars recipes coming at you!


To start, here's something from our drink menu:  A margarita inspired by the mineral planet Crait!  Crait is the location of the final battle in The Last Jedi, after our Resistance heroes take refuge in an old base that was established by Bail Organa in the early days of the Rebellion.  I loved the look of this planet in the film.  As the battle rages, more and more of the red soil becomes visible from under the layer of white salt that covers the planet's surface. 

What better way to highlight salt than with a margarita?  And to create the red-and-white aesthetic of the planet, we went with strawberry margaritas.  Extra salt on the rim!


Crait Margaritas

4 cups whole frozen strawberries

1 cup silver tequila

juice of 6 limes

1/3 cup triple sec or other orange liquer

1/4 cup honey

3 cups ice

Add everything except the ice into a blender and blend until no large chunks remain.  Add ice and continue blending until smooth.  Run a lime along the rim of your glass and dip in flaky margarita salt.  Pour in your margarita and enjoy!